Ministry Emphasis

Tim and Katie's anointed ministry in music beautifully compliments Tim's enthusiastic and uncompromised preaching of the Word all sprinkled with a healthy dose of humor. Together, they seek to join hearts with each pastor, church or organization to experience a sovereign move of God. Their engaging approach to ministry is able to reach across generational gaps to both young and old alike which creates an open atmosphere for God to have His way. With a sincere desire to be led by the Holy Spirit, a heavy emphasis is placed upon the salvation of the lost, the baptism in the Holy Spirit, the healing of the sick, repentance, and for each church to be ignited with a fresh vision to reach their communities for Jesus.

Proclamation & Demonstration

Evangelists Tim and Katie Bennett have traveled nationally and internationally singing and preaching in multiple venues with a clear relevant message of Jesus supported by the demonstration of the Spirit’s power. Tim and Katie regularly experience God’s healing power through their anointed ministry as blind eyes have opened, crippled arms and legs have regained strength, and tumors have vanished as thousands have been saved, healed, delivered, and baptized in the Holy Spirit. To the left is pictured a young woman being healed as she is hearing for the first time!